How to Play the Sport of Tennis Since ancient times, people have been christian louboutin peep toe playing tennis as christian louboutin shoes recreation and sport. The term "lawn tennis" was coined in 1874 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield and the game was devised from royal tennis which cheap christian louboutin outlet was played in 12th century France. The game has many rules and has been played different ways over the centuries. Tennis games consist of one to five sets, the winner has to meet a certain requirement (ex. one set or three out of five). Most matches consist of three sets, the winner being the player who wins two out of three sets. To win a set, the player has to win the majority of games within the set, ending with six. Each game is made up of points. The winner of the game has to win at least four points and has to have at least two points difference between their score and the other player's score.

Learn the basics of tennis from our expert in these christian louboutin shoes on sale instructional videos. Learn how to hit the ball using different strokes such as forehand, backhand, and volley. Tennis can be played on different types of courts such as hard courts, indoor courts, grass courts, and clay courts. Learn how to serve the tennis cheap christian louboutin pumps ball swiftly, effectively, and accurately in order christian louboutin sandals to win a point. Get extensive information on the equipment and accessories needed to play tennis including tennis balls, tennis racquets, court shoes, and appropriate attire for a tennis match. Advance your tennis skills with these videos or learn the basics and begin a new hobby!